The lightness of the design, joined with the best of Gibus technology, characterize this new model of pergola in painted aluminum.The design of the joint with a sharp corner between the leg and the guide, and the innovative wall mount, take the level of product finishing to new standards. The pitch awning in blackout PVC, which protects from sun and rain, ends at the mobile gutter equipped with lateral drains.

In order to guarantee the down flow of rainwater the structure must have a slope between 8% and 19% (refer to the tables for the calculation of the slopes in the current price list). The gathered cloth lets light pass. The absence of frontal beams permits the eye to freely wander from the horizon to the sky, in the sober lightness of the structure. The awning movement system is on lateral guides with a high-resistance timing belt, rotating on ball bearings.

Stainless steel brackets, painted aluminum fusions and the patented joint system between the leg and the guide enrich the structure, which permits creating installations by following the angles in a versatile way into different design needs. Nylon sliding carriages with wheels equipped with stainless steel bearings and pivots complete the movement system of the automated awning.

Awnings supplied from Affordable Awnings are the highest quality we give a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all of the products unless stated otherwise.

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